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Gunns sets sights on higher exports

June 14, 2018
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TIMBER giant Gunns is predicting a positive financial year, withimprovements in woodchip exports, a weaker Australian dollar, atighter world supply of timber and earnings from its newacquisition, Auspine. (Sydney Morning Herald — 31 August, 2007)
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Timber giant Gunns tips a positive year on improved woodchipexports, a lower dollar, tighter world timber supply, and earningsfrom newly acquired Auspine. (The Age — 31 August, 2007)
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Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull delays the deadline for thecontroversial pulp mill proposed for the Tamar Valley in Tasmania. (The Age — 30 August, 2007)
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In Tasmania people are manning the barricades again. Gunns’proposed $1.5 billion pulp mill has exploded as a political issue. (The Age — 29 August, 2007)
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