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Grampians group wants better fire plan

June 12, 2018
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Fire restrictions come into force in some areas in two weeks andwater-carrying aircraft will be hired early in anticipation of whatcould be Victoria’s worst bushfire season on record. – (The Age — 3 October, 2006)
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Prolonged drought and an expected warm, dry spring could spell adisastrous fire season in Victoria. – (The Age — 2 October, 2006)
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Firefighters are tackling more than 80 fires around Victoria on the earliest ever day of a total fire ban The Country Fire Authority (CFA) says the fire danger will remain extreme until high temper (ABC News — 12 hours ago)
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Victoria could face another emergency on the scale of the 1983 AshWednesday bushfires as firefighters prepare for one of the driestsummers on record. – (The Age — 5 hours ago)
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