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Gibraltar will hold elections on October 17, two weeks from Brexit

September 16, 2019


The governor of Gibraltar, at the direction of the Executive of Fabian Picardo, has dissolved the Parliament and has called new general elections for October 17, two weeks before the date set for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

At the proposal of Picardo, Governor Edward Davis has announced the dissolution of Parliament this Monday at noon and has also formalized the convening of the next elections, in which the main minister will aspire to re-election.

The date will coincide with the start of a European Council that will be focused precisely on Brexit, so Picardo has defended the importance of the Rock facing the coming months with a “new and strong mandate” at the government level.

“It is a time for strong and demonstrated leadership,” he warned in an appearance before the media in which he warned that it is not a time for “novices” or “experiments”, in defense of a management that hopes to revalidate in the upcoming elections.

Picardo has framed these elections at the center of a broader electoral perspective, given the expectation that the Parliament of the United Kingdom and “potentially” that of Spain will also be renewed.

The British voted mostly in favor of leaving the EU in June 2016, but the data was invested in Gibraltar, where almost 96 percent of voters positioned themselves in favor of continuing within the European Union.

Picardo, who recalled the data on Monday, clarified that “Gibraltar is ready for any type of Brexit” and even “so that there is no Brexit”, although this last variable is the only one that the Government of Boris has ruled out for now Johnson