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Georgians uprooted in South Ossetia

June 8, 2018
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Arson gangs target homes of ethnic Georgians in South Ossetia as the conflict over control of the breakaway region threatens to erase a centuries-old ethnic mix. (MSNBC — 30 August, 2008)
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The story of two young and inexperienced Georgians decision to join the battle against South Ossetia parallels their young nations heady rush into combat while relying on an ill-prepared army. (New York Times — 2 September, 2008)
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Russian troops remaining in Georgian territory are effectively preventing Georgians from returning to their homes, a U.N. representative said Saturday. (MSNBC — 31 August, 2008)
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A Georgian Foreign Ministry official says Georgia is to recall all diplomatic staff from its embassy in Moscow because of the Russian military presence in Georgia. (MSNBC — 30 August, 2008)
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