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Farage says it will be presented at the next parliamentary elections in the United Kingdom

September 29, 2019


The leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, said on Sunday that he will stand for the next parliamentary elections to try to win a seat in Westminster.

“I don't particularly feel Westminster's call, but of course I will introduce myself,” he said, confirming what would be his eighth nomination, as reported by the British television network Sky News.

Likewise, he has refused to pronounce himself on why the constituency will present his candidacy, something that will reveal “just at the end”. Farage has once again opted for an electoral pact with the 'tories' of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“There is a way for Boris to achieve a large and feasible majority. We are delighted to help with that,” said Farage, whose party was imposed in May in the European Parliament elections, with 31 percent of the vote.

The Farage party, the main promoter of the 2016 referendum that decided to divorce London and Brussels, won 29 of the 74 seats that were in play, well ahead of the second force, the Liberal Democratic Party, which collected 20 percent of votes and 16 seats.

The 'Eurosceptic' leader recently offered Johnson an alliance for the next parliamentary elections, although at the same time he warned him that if the United Kingdom does not leave the EU on the scheduled date – on October 31 – the Conservative Party will suffer a “real kick” at the polls that could leave you without a majority.