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Emmanuel Macron’s Bromance with Trump Takes Its Toll at Home

May 16, 2018

“He used an emotional strategy” said Hervé Berville, who represents a district in Brittany. “With irrationality, you can deploy physical contact, touching.”

Others in Parliament, even some who have been critical of Mr. Macron in other domains, were inclined to give him a pass, too, given the difficulty of the target.

“I wonder about the ability of this head of state, or of any other, to have influence over Mr. Trump,” said Jean-Michel Clement, a member of Parliament who recently left the president’s political movement, La République en Marche, over its immigration stance.

“You can’t reproach the president of the republic for having put his best foot forward on these sensitive issues,” he added.

Mr. Macron, judging by his speech in Aachen last week, himself appears to have drawn one principal lesson from his encounter with the American president: the need for more muscular European unity.

“If we accept that other great powers, including allies, including friends who have been with us in the darkest hours, put themselves in the position of deciding for us our diplomacy, our security, while putting us at severe risk,” he said, “then we are no longer sovereign, and we can’t credibly face public opinion.”