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De Sousa calls to vote and warns of the “challenges” he will face. the new government

October 6, 2019


The president of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has on Saturday called on the citizens of his country to come to vote in the elections held this Sunday to renew the Assembly of the Republic, a unicameral Parliament composed of 230 seats .

“What I ask is very simple: by conviction, by trust, by rejection, by realism, whatever the reason for your vote, do not stop voting. They are four decisive years in the life of Portugal,” said the president of the Republic in a video.

“The Assembly of the Republic will elect a Government that, like the Assembly itself, will face important challenges, such as overcoming the negative effects of the fall in birth rates and the aging population, climate change and external crises, “he warned.

In addition, the new prime minister will have to “invest in more growth, more employment and the fight against poverty and inequalities between people, guarantee better education and health, social security and prepare for changes in science and technology that will determine the future, “said Marcelo.

The Portuguese president has lamented the “percentage of abstentionists” during the last elections. “Not voting is giving others a decision that is ours. And it is losing authority to lament, to reject, which, after all, is the result of apathy, disinterest or indolence, of those who choose not to choose “, he insisted.

To end this video Marcelo has listed some of the reasons that the citizens of Portugal have to go to the polls, such as “the worrying economic and political signals or the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union. The effects of the international environment in our economy they will undoubtedly be important in the four-year period that begins with these elections, “he concluded.