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Danger of excess in our throwaway culture

May 16, 2018
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A bulwark of the economy – consumer spending – and the needs of theenvironment are on a collision course and Australians will have tocut back on what they consume or face a growing mountain ofrubbish, a new study warns. (Sydney Morning Herald — 20 hours ago)
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A new study estimates that each Australian household last yearspent $1226 (The Age — 21 hours ago)
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Australians embracing a throwaway culture will have to cut back onconsumer spending or face a growing pile of rubbish, a new studyhas warned. (Sydney Morning Herald — 14 hours ago)
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The more money Australians earn, the more likely they are to wastethe food and goods they use, according to a new report. (Sydney Morning Herald — 4 hours ago)
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