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Corbyn meets Thursday with other opposition leaders to discuss Brexit’s strategy

September 26, 2019

LONDON, Sep 26 (Reuters / EP) –

The leader of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, will meet Thursday with other opposition leaders to discuss the strategy to follow in the framework of the Brexit process, in an effort to try to prevent a European Union exit without agreement, according to a Labor spokesman has informed.

The British opposition parties want to ensure that they can prevent British Prime Minister Boris Johnson from taking the country out of the European Union on October 31 without an agreement with the community authorities.

Under the law passed by the British Parliament before the Johnson-driven recess, the prime minister will have to ask the European Union to postpone Brexit if on October 19 he has failed to approve an agreement to leave the United Kingdom.

Johnson maintains that he will comply with the law but has insisted that the country will leave the European Union on October 31 whatever happens. On Wednesday, in an appearance in the House of Commons, the 'premier' challenged the opposition to file a motion of censure as a way to get the call for legislative elections and Corbyn replied that he will only act like this if he has previously requested the EU a postponement of Brexit.