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Conte accuses Salvini of “irresponsible” and “opportunistic” for triggering the government crisis

August 20, 2019


The Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, has strongly criticized Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, whom he has accused of “irresponsible” for having triggered a government crisis at a delicate time for the country and for pursuing exclusively personal and party purposes .

In Conte's opinion, Salvini's decision to break the coalition between the League and the 5-Star Movement (M5S) is “an objectively serious decision, which has very relevant consequences for the economic and social life of the country.”

“The Interior Minister has shown to pursue personal and party interests,” denounced the Prime Minister. His words have been received with disapproval and protest by the members of the League, to whom Salvini himself has made gestures to keep calm.

In the opinion of the head of Government, “the behavior of the Minister of the Interior reveals little institutional sensitivity and serious lack of constitutional culture.”

In this regard, he has expressed surprise at the fact that after opening the government crisis he did not choose to remove the ministers from the Government League and has opined that the fact that the rupture occurred after the approval of the security decree that Salvini himself had promoted demonstrates “political opportunism.”

In addition, he has argued that although “making citizens vote is the essence of democracy, asking them to vote every year is irresponsible,” referring to the fact that Salvini would seek to force early elections given the good results of his party in the polls.

“I ask for a round of applause,” he has claimed to the Conte room, which has intervened with Salvini sitting on his right and the other deputy prime minister, Luigi di Maio, sitting on his left.