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Congress leaves out CHIP kids’ health plan

December 8, 2017

Congress may have just put a two-week long band-aid onto government spending, but they left out one big program: children’s health care.

The continuing resolution signed by President Donald Trump Friday keeps the federal government funded until December 22. And while Republican leaders in Congress praised a provision that acknowledges some states are about to run out of Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) money, it does not fund the CHIP program for 2018.

It simply calls on the Health and Human Services Department to re-allocate any remaining funds to the most desperate states.

“The short-term funding agreement to fund the government until Dec. 22 only includes a patchwork measure to provide funding to a handful of states,” the American Academy of Pediatrics said in a statement.

HHS was unable to immediately answer questions about which states might get money re-allocated, or how much.