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Colombia asks to form “a great world coalition” to protect the “lungs” of the planet, including the Amazon

September 24, 2019


The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, has proposed on Monday at the United Nations Climate Summit to create “a great global coalition” to protect the rainforests and rainforests of the planet, including the Amazon, which in recent months has suffered several fires that have razed millions of hectares.

“We are talking about a great global coalition for the protection of rainforests and wet rainforest,” Duque said, defending that this multilateral alliance “is necessary and strategic” because it is about “protecting lungs necessary for the capture of gases. greenhouse, “water sources and” thousands of species. ”

Duque has pointed to illegal mining and logging, as well as to extensive agriculture as the main threats to the forests and jungles of Latin America and, specifically, of fires in the Amazon.

It has also drawn attention to illicit crops. “For every hectare of coca that is planted in the rainforest, about two hectares of this important heritage for our planet are being destroyed,” he said.

The tenant of the Casa de Nariño recalled that the fight against deforestation is a topic of special importance for Colombia, since 40 percent of its continental territory is rainforest, to which 24 million hectares of natural parks are added .

Duque stressed that Colombia has managed to deforestation by 17 percent thanks to “inter-agency work” that aims to plant 180 million trees by 2022.

However, he has argued that the contribution of the countries most affected by this problem is not enough, appealing “to countries that have built their development at the expense, many times, of this emission of greenhouse gases, to contribute resources to the preservation of tropical forests. ”

“This call that we make today is so that everyone, absolutely everyone, in the effort to act against the effects of climate change, understand that we will not be victorious if we do not include in our agenda the unrestricted defense of forests,” he stressed.