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Check your coding skills with online challenges

January 2, 2019

Programmers and software developers work in a wide range of applications ranging from the controllers of the autopilot in the latest passenger jet to apps to control your finances. They have an impact on millions of people every single day. Moreover, the impact keeps growing, in particular with the development of autonomous cars. However, demonstrating their skills outside of their working place can be a complicated task. Although there as some platforms such as GitHub, where you can upload and store your codes, they are not so well known to the wider audience and, in particular, to recruiters. Furthermore, it may be difficult to gain recognition and even more difficult to monetize it.

Online hackathons are great way to assess your programming skills. Coding challenges allow programmers to show off their talent to big brands and be hired. Hackathon events are a great way to create your space in business and turn new ideas into existing tech products.

Check your coding skills with online challenges
Check your coding skills with online challenges

Furthermore, they represent a fantastic opportunity to improve your professional network, which can lead to better job opportunities and new projects. Online hackathons have certain advantages over the traditional ones where participants meet in at places such as a hotel or a conference centre. Your physical location is not very important because you can access from any computer, and you may be able to work more flexibly in the project. As a result, you may not need to ask for holidays. This is of particular interest for those programmers and software developers that have small kids and cannot leave their home for one or two days. Therefore, online hackathons become a really attractive and cost effective manner of introducing yourself to a wide variety of peers. In addition to these advantages, online hackathons offer the possibility of winning prizes and increasing your reputation. Let’s face it. It would be great to add some items to your honours and awards section in LinkedIn. The benefits of attending to a hackathon, online or not, do not end here. They are a unique platform to generate new ideas, learn some new coding tricks and meet like-minded people, which can lead to new friendships.

On some occasions, some brands actively encourage their workers to attend to hackathons. In these cases, their duties can be from providing technical support to participants aiming at raising the profile of their company. So, if your employer does not know about online hackathons it may be a good idea to mention them as a cost effective manner of marketing. Any of these two scenarios is an opportunity to show off your skills (but do not brag too much! You are warned!).

In summary, online hackathons are a great opportunity to meet new people and improve your hard and soft skills. They allow you to beef up your resume, introduce yourself to recruiters and potentially to new colleagues or managers, and last but not least, they are great fun for those who enjoy a new challenge. Wish you the best of luck in your next hackathon!