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Climate activists cut traffic at various points in central Washington

September 23, 2019

Washington traffic court during a weather protest – REUTERS / ERIN SCOTT


Hundreds of climate activists have seconded the call Closed DC ('Shut Down DC') for which they have cut several streets of downtown Washington on Monday.

The action has begun around 7.00 and has lasted about three hours, coinciding with the UN World Climate Action Summit that is being held this Monday in New York.

They seek to “alter the systems that have created and perpetuated the climate crisis” and for this they call on the “climate rebels” to “block the entire city,” particularly federal political agencies based in the city, “the most responsible” of the climate change. “When closing the city we ask those in power to face the climate crisis immediately,” they add.

Between 250 and 300 people have concentrated in Farragut Square, near the White House, in an area known for the presence of headquarters of active pressure groups in the halls of Congress and the White House. There they have used a small boat painted yellow with the motto “Rebellion for life” painted on the side to block traffic at the intersection of 16th and K streets.

The police have had to forcibly remove the protesters, at least ten of them chained, so the agents have used radio stations. The cops have covered the activists with blankets to protect them from the sparks of the cut.

“I want the Government to know that these are our streets, this is our country and that we will continue to do so until something happens … They deny scientific evidence. It is important to fight for it,” explained a student of 16 years, Will Carter, chained to the ship, in statements to the local WAMU station. The ship was finally removed at 10.00.