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Climate activists and ‘yellow vests’ occupy a shopping center in Paris

October 5, 2019

Occupation of a shopping center with climate activists and 'yellow vests' in Paris – EXTINCTION REBELLION FRANCE


Hundreds of climate activists from Extinction Rebellion and 'yellow vests' have occupied this Saturday the Italie 2 shopping center in the 13th district of Paris to denounce the consumer society and the climate emergency.

“Pollute, consume and shut your mouth”, “Destroy the palaces of power. Build houses for the people” or “Radical ecology. Death to capital” are some of the slogans written on the banners displayed by activists shortly after 10.00 Saturday morning, reports French television BFMTV.

The activists arrived in small groups until they overflowed by number the security guards, who have finally let them pass without opposition. They concentrated in the main lobby of the mall and shops quickly lowered the blinds.

A first police patrol showed up at 10.30 and at 11.00 the agents had already taken positions around the building, whose accesses were blocked with wooden pallets, chairs and ropes.

This action called “Last occupation before the end of the world” is part of the mobilizations convened for Monday by Extinction Rebellion in 60 cities around the world. In London the goal is for the blockade to last at least two weeks.