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China grows giant pigs the size of “polar bears” in the face of a shortage of meat from swine fever

October 7, 2019


Farms in China have started raising giant pigs the size of “polar bears” in the face of the African swine fever epidemic, which has caused a shortage of meat in the Asian giant, local newspaper 'South China Morning Post' reported Monday .

The animal, about 500 kilos, is part of a herd raised to become giant pigs. Some of these pigs may be sold for about 10,000 yuan (1,273 euros), which is more than triple the average monthly income of a Nanning farmer, the capital of the Guangxi Zhuang region, where this practice has already been registered.

Local authorities in China have been forced to boost pig meat production due to the increasing shortage of this food. Therefore, the idea of ​​raising larger pigs is spreading through various areas of the country, which is still in a commercial dispute with the United States.

The specimen raised by farmers like Pang Cong is heavier than an average adult male polar bear. In the northeastern province of Jilin, on the other hand, high prices of pig meat are leading farmers to raise pigs weighing between 175 and 200 kilos, above the normal price – about 125 kilos.

This trend is not exclusive to small farms. Large meat producers such as Wens Foodstuffs have already started increasing the weight of pigs.

African swine fever is fatal and highly contagious for pigs, but does not affect humans. Since the first outbreak in China was registered in early August 2018, the virus has spread throughout the country and even Vietnam.

Preventive measures include disinfecting farms and restricting the sale of pork and processed meat, among others. Infected animals are sacrificed.