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Boris Johnson believes that the Brexit negotiation will be prolonged. “until the last minute”

August 27, 2019

BIARRITZ (FRANCE), Aug. 26 (Reuters / EP) –

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that contacts with the EU on Brexit will be extended “until the last minute” of the deadline, on October 31 and stressed that the same day will have to be taken Decision of whether there is a Brexit without agreement.

“I think the EU tends to reach agreements just at the end,” Johnson said at a press conference when asked if he is ready to negotiate until October 31.

“For us it is clear that the departure will be on October 31 when we will take steps to get out on the terms for which we have been preparing in an asbolute, colossal, wide and fantastic way,” he has said from Biarritz, France, headquarters of the summit of the G7 of this weekend.

However, he did not want to answer the press's persistent questions about what he would do if Parliament tries to delay or avoid a Brexit without agreement. In that sense, he has assured that the British are “tired” of seeing Brexit in the first pages of the newspapers and that is why the exit will be on October 31.

In addition, Johnson has again agitated the figure of 39,000 million pounds agreed by its predecessor, Theresa May, to pay the EU for Brexit expenses.

“I think the whole EU understands that if we leave without agreement the figure of 39,000 million ceases to be a legal commitment,” he said in statements to Sky News.