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Ballot box polls place the Socialists very close to the absolute majority in Portugal

October 6, 2019


Two published ballot polls put the Socialist Party of António Costa very close to seizing the absolute majority in the elections held this Sunday in Portugal, although in both cases he would need the support of a partner to govern.

The study of TSF / TVI / JN prepared by Pythagorean predicts between 34.5 and 38.5 votes for the PS, which would mean between 100 and 112 deputies, about 115 that represent the absolute majority in the Assembly of the Republic.

This result would enable a government backed by one of the left-wing parties: Left Bloc (7.7-11.7 percent and 20-25 deputies), the eco-communists of the Unitary Democratic Coalition (CDU: 6-8 percent and 10-14 deputies) and even with the Ecologists of People-Animals-Nature (PAN: 2.7-4.7 percent and between 4 and 6 seats).

The second force would be the Social Democratic Party (24.5-28.6 percent and 68-78 deputies, while the Democratic Center and Social-Popular Party plunges to 2.9-4.9 percent and between 3 and 7 deputies On the edge of the minimum necessary to enter Parliament are the Liberal Initiative, Chega (Enough!), Free and Alliance.

The study of the Catholic University for the public RTP suggests that the PS will achieve between 104 and 112 seats, which could agree with the BE (19-23 deputies), the CDU (9-14 seats) and PAN (4- 6 deputies). The PSD stays close to its worst historical result with between 74 and 82 deputies and the CDS-PP is between 4 and 6 seats.