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At least seven dead and three injured when a plane crashed in the Colombian department of Cauca

September 16, 2019


A plane crash in the Camilo Torres neighborhood, in the Colombian department of Cauca, has left seven dead and three injured, local radio station Radio Caracol reported on Sunday.

The incident, which took place at the height of the La Isla neighborhood, occurred after the plane took off from the Popayán airport.

According to the preliminary list of deceased, there were nine people who had lost their lives after crashing the aircraft, traveling to López de Micay.

Among the deceased is the pilot, identified as Andrés Felipe López Álvarez, and among the injured is Jairo Elías Pineda, a journalist at the communication office of the Government.

The Civil Aviation Accident Investigation personnel, who have traveled to the area to discern the causes of the accident, have expressed their “solidarity with the victims' relatives” and have requested “all the media and citizens, prudent management of the images that are circulating on social networks in respect to the victims and family members involved in this painful event. ”