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At least 23 dead in an attack with Molotov cocktails against a bar in the state of Veracruz (Mexico)

August 28, 2019


At least 23 people have died and another thirteen have been injured as a result of the fire on Tuesday night at a bar in the town of Coatzacoalcos, in the state of Veracruz, as reported by the Prosecutor's Office. According to the Mexican press, the incident would be the result of an attack with Molotov cocktails.

The Veracruz Prosecutor's Office has strongly condemned what could constitute an artful attack “occurred in a Coatzacoalcos bar, and has announced the opening of an investigation to clarify” the origin of what happened “, for which it has requested collaboration of the Attorney General's Office.

In this regard, he has promised that everything necessary will be done to “establish whether the events occurred are the result of a malicious attack, to ensure that the events do not go unpunished.”

Likewise, he added in his statement, he will work with federal and local institutions so that “if it is confirmed that it is a direct aggression,” the probable perpetrators are arrested “and brought before the judge so that” they are apply the full weight of the law. ”

According to the prosecution, the deceased are fifteen men and eight women, while the injured are seriously injured and have been transferred to different hospitals.

The Ministry of Public Security of Veracruz has condemned the events that took place at the 'Caballo Blanco' bar and has specified that it is already working on the “search and location of the alleged aggressors”. For his part, the governor of Veracruz, Cuitláhuac García, has promised that the crime “will not go unpunished.” “In Veracruz, criminal groups are no longer tolerated,” he wrote on his Twitter.