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Assange follow & aacute; in prison when your current conviction ends for your “leak history”

September 13, 2019


The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, will remain in prison even if he is serving all his sentence for failing to comply with the conditions of probation in June 2012 by taking refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, mainly for the “leak history” he drags, in opinion of the judge.

A judge in London has ruled that there are “substantial indications” to fear that she can again evade the action of Justice, as she did more than seven years ago in fear of an extradition to Sweden – where she was being investigated for crimes sexual – could open the door to a subsequent transfer to the United States.

Assange will serve the sentence of 50 weeks to which he was sentenced on September 22, but will remain behind bars. That day, according to Judge Vanessa Baraitser, “the status changes from prisoner serving a sentence to a person facing extradition,” reports the BBC.

The United States has requested the extradition of Assange under 18 charges, all linked to the dissemination of secret information through the portal he founded. The hearing on this case will start on February 25, 2020, while in Sweden the investigations on an alleged violation are still open.