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Anne Hidalgo denounces that it is “difficult to manifest” in Paris and points to the prefect of the Police

September 23, 2019


The mayor of Paris, the Cádiz Anne Hidalgo, has condemned the violence of the demonstrations this Saturday, but has also pointed to the “unusual police device” and has pointed out the prefect of the Police, Didier Lallement, who must appear in the next plenary session of the City Council.

This weekend the 'yellow vests', a march through the weather, against the pension reform have been manifested in Paris and the day without cars has been celebrated. In the protests there were outbreaks of violence starring radicals and the 'black block'.

However, for Hidalgo, interviewed on the France Inter station, there was an “unusual police device”, which “discourages many people” from going to a demonstration. “It is difficult to demonstrate” in Paris with measures such as the closure of metro stations decided by the Police without consulting the City Council.

Specifically, he has revealed that he has received “many calls” from pacifist militants who were prevented from demonstrating the use of tear gas. “In the next plenary session of the City Council there will be many questions from the political groups to the prefect of the Police,” he warned.

This “tension” has caused less participation than expected in the march through the weather. According to the summoners there were 50,000 participants on Saturday, 15,200 according to an independent, very lay count of the 270,000 attendees in Berlin. This is “undoubtedly” due to the “fear of violence related to black blocks, broken windows and extremely virulent police charges.”

The first deputy mayor, Emmanuel Grégoire, has lamented on Twitter the “disproportionate device” on Sunday “without consultation and even without informing by the Police.” “The numerous subway closures harm companies, Parisians and tourists. It can't go on like this,” he said.