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Algerians angry at France over ‘traitors’

December 8, 2017
French President Emmanuel Macron greets people in the streets of Algiers on December 6, 2017. Macron began his first official trip to Algeria, announcing that he was visiting as a 'friend' despite France's historically prickly relationship with its former colony.Image copyrightAFP
Image caption Emmanuel Macron made his first state visit former colony Algeria this week

A recent comment made on Twitter by France’s President Emmanuel Macron has angered many Algerians on social media.

During an official visit to Algeria this week, President Macron touched on a topic which is sensitive for many in the country which fought a bitter war of independence against France.

“Coming to terms with our past means finding a way forward for those who were born in Algeria to be able to return, whatever their background,” he wrote in a tweet.

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Réconcilier les mémoires, c’est trouver le chemin qui permet aux femmes et aux hommes nés en Algérie de pouvoir y revenir, quelles que soient leurs histoires.

— Emmanuel Macron (@EmmanuelMacron) December 6, 2017

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It has been understood as an appeal to the Algerian authorities to allow the return of two groups, known as Harkis and Pieds Noirs.

Who are the Harkis?

Harki is the term used to describe to thousands of Algerians who fought for the French army against Algeria during the war of independence from 1954 to 1962.