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A Scottish court rejects a petition to force Johnson to request the extension of Brexit

October 7, 2019


A court in Scotland has rejected on Monday a petition to force Prime Minister Boris Johnson to request an extension of Brexit if Parliament does not ratify any agreement before October 19, which gives wings to the Government's messages in favor of consummate the divorce on the 31st day, whether or not there is an agreement in between.

The complainants, a group of activists, had requested a court order to force Johnson to comply with a law passed in September in Parliament and that even includes the text of the letter to be sent to the European authorities to request a new extension.

The court has laid down the initiative, on which there is still an appeal. The lawyer Jo Maugham has already advanced that this same Tuesday they will appeal to the highest instance in Scotland to try to reverse the rejection of this Monday, according to BBC public television.

In its allegations, the Government assumed that Johnson would send that letter, but at the same time the prime minister has dropped that he is not willing to delay the deadlines. “We will respect the law and leave the EU on October 31,” insisted the head of government on Monday, before hearing the judicial decision, according to 'The Guardian'.

In this regard, Johnson has said that leaving the EU “is what people voted for” in the June 2016 referendum. “I think most people just want Brexit,” he added, waiting for Know the European response to your plan to eliminate the safeguard on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.