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A court prolongs the imprisonment of Assange pending his possible extradition

October 11, 2019

LONDON, Oct. 11 (Reuters / EP) –

The founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, will remain in prison under the order issued Friday by a judge in London, who has agreed to remain behind bars awaiting future hearings on the possible extradition process to the United States.

Assange served on September 22 the 50 weeks of jail to which he was sentenced for violating in June 2012 the conditions of a probation to take refuge in the Embassy of Ecuador. Justice deemed it necessary to prolong this arrest for fear of a leak and this Friday has prolonged his confinement.

Assange, 48, faces 18 charges in the United States for leaking thousands of secret documents. Among the crimes that are charged to him is to violate the espionage law and to conspire to attack government computer systems, which could cost him a penalty of several decades.

The founder of Wikileaks has appeared by videoconference from the Belmarsh prison in a brief hearing held this Friday and in which he has only spoken to confirm his name and his age. “I hope there may be some progress in this case,” Judge Tam Ikram said.

The next hearing is set for October 21 and, in it, Assange is called to appear in person. The process to study in detail its possible extradition to the United States will begin on February 25, 2020, while in Sweden the investigations on an alleged violation are still open.