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A court maintains the ban against masks before a new mass protest in Hong Kong

October 6, 2019


A court in Hong Kong has decided to maintain the ban against the use of masks during demonstrations in the territory, which this Sunday could reach a new record of participation if the forecasts of the organizers, who anticipate the presence of more than three are met millions of people.

This increase in assistance is given by the decision taken this week by the Hong Kong government to invoke a colonial law to prohibit assistance to marches with their faces covered, in what the protesters consider as a new abuse of power by the authorities.

The decision of Judge Godfrey Lam Wan Ho has taken place after a long night of negotiations between the legal representatives of the Government and the opposition, which he considers the most typical norm of a British absolutist monarch “like Henry VIII”, a reference to the History of its former colonial power, United Kingdom.

Opposition Deputy Dennis Kwok has lamented the magistrate's decision on the grounds that he defends an unconstitutional imposition that has not been approved by the Legislative Council, the equivalent to Parliament, of the territory.

“Basically the Government has told us:” The law is what I say it is, I say when it is applied, and I say when it ceases to be law, “he said at a press conference late this Saturday, collected by the 'South China Morning Post'.

The Chinese Government, administrator of the territory, has given its full support to the decision taken by the Hong Kong court. “These extremist radicals have exhibited unbridled arrogance and have behaved like savages,” said the China Liaison office on Sunday.

“We strongly condemn the violent protests and support the government and the police to severely punish the illegal violent elements in accordance with the law,” the note added.