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15 Lives Devoted to Hockey: A Look at Who Died in a Crash in Canada

April 8, 2018

• Jaxon Joseph, 20, Edmonton, Alberta

He joined the team in a trade earlier this year and was the son of Chris Joseph, who played for seven National Hockey League teams between 1987 and 2006.

• Logan Boulet, 21, Lethbridge, Alberta

A player in his third season for the Broncos. He had just signed up to be an organ donor, and six of his organs were transplanted or prepared for transplants.

• Logan Hunter, 18, St. Albert, Alberta

He played right wing for the team.

• Logan Schatz, 20, Allan, Saskatchewan

He was captain of the Broncos and the second-highest scorer in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League. He had recently recovered from an injury.

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• Stephen Wack, 21, St. Albert, Alberta

His junior hockey career was coming to an end. Mr. Wack was planning a career in video production, and he had posted several videos on YouTube.

• Xavier Labelle, 18, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Also fluent in French, Mr. Labelle was an accomplished classical pianist.

Team Personnel:

• Brody Hinz, 18, Humboldt, Saskatchewan

Mr. Hinz volunteered as the team statistician. He was about to finish high school and had been planning a career in broadcasting.


Darcy Haugan, the Humboldt Broncos’ head coach.Credit Facebook, via Reuters

• Darcy Haugan, 42, Humboldt, Saskatchewan

Hired as the Broncos’ head coach in 2015. He was originally from Peace River, Alberta. He had studied at Northern Michigan University on a hockey scholarship and briefly played professionally in Sweden.

• Glen Doerksen, 59, Carrot River, Saskatchewan

The team’s bus driver. He had officiated and sat on the board of his local junior B hockey team, the Carrot River Thunder.

• Mark Cross, 27, Strasbourg, Saskatchewan

The team’s assistant coach. He studied kinesiology at York University in Toronto and played on its hockey team before returning to Saskatchewan.

• Tyler Bieber, 29, Humboldt, Saskatchewan

Mr. Bieber was the play-by-play radio broadcaster.

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