News Daily: NHS warning and May’s plastics pledge

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Hospitals ‘running out of beds’

Hospitals are overcrowded, struggling to cope and running out of beds, their bosses are warning. Chris Hopson, of NHS Providers, said: “Too often, in too many places, standards of care are compromised and patients’ safety put at risk.” He added that rising rates of flu were putting a strain on services.

Figures on NHS performance in England for the end of last year and beginning of this year are due out later, and they’re expected to show a deterioration. Those already published for Scotland for the end of 2017 showed record levels of long waits in A&E.

News Daily: NHS warning and May’s plastics pledge
News Daily: NHS warning and May’s plastics pledge

Mr Hopson argued the government needed to find a long-term funding solution for the NHS in England. The Department of Health and Social Care in England said there was a “great deal of pressure” on A&E departments, but added that plans were in place to improve social care to free up hospital places as well as for the biggest expansion in doctor training places in the history of the NHS.

BBC health correspondent Nick Triggle has compiled 10 charts showing why the NHS is in trouble.

California mudslide searches go on

Rescuers are searching for 17 missing people, as California continues to deal with mudslides that are already known to have killed another 17. More than 100 homes were destroyed and another 300 damaged in Santa Barbara County. A two-year-old girl dragged from debris was described as looking like a “muddy doll” – she survived but has an injury to her hip. Meanwhile, some families have returned to their homes. “We are still very hopeful that we will locate people alive,” said Chris Elms, a spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. In pictures: Mudslides cause chaos.

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May: Eradicate plastic litter by 2042

It gets everywhere, looks horrible and kills sea life. Now the government says all “avoidable” plastic waste in the UK must end by 2042. Among the plans to be announced by Theresa May, supermarkets would be urged to introduce “plastic-free” aisles, while charges on takeaway containers would be considered. The prime minister will say in a speech that she looks back “in horror at some of the damage done to our environment in the past”, and will also pledge to help developing nations cut plastic waste through aid funding. But environmental groups say they are angry that the proposals will have no legal force. Here are seven charts explaining plastic pollution.

World trade: What will Donald Trump do?

Andrew Walker, BBC World Service economics correspondent

Donald Trump appears to believe that if you have a trade deficit – if you import more than you export – you are losing out. He looks at both the overall trade balance with the rest of the world and the bilateral balance with particular countries. He is especially irked by the hefty deficits in US trade with China and Mexico, among others. He also regards trade as the cause of lost jobs in US industry. All these points are controversial.

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What the papers say

The Guardian leads on Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt being urged to provide larger sums of money to “rescue” the NHS. Meanwhile, the Times says EU countries including Germany are considering giving UK financial firms “privileged access” to their markets after Brexit in return for payments to Brussels. And the Daily Telegraph reports on claims that Theresa May is free to rethink tuition fees now that some ministers opposed to fee cuts – including former Education Secretary Justine Greening – have quit the government.

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