New Paxful P2P protocol integrated in the Infinito crypto wallet

The multi-crypto wallet “Infinito” announced a collaboration with Paxful, the Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer platform (BTC), to integrate its services into the crypto wallet “Infinito Wallet”.

According to the official statement, Infinito users can now buy Bitcoin directly from other crypto users around the world without incurring transaction fees.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Ray Youself (CEO of Paxful) said that integration is one way to make it easier to use and acquire crypto:

“There is a growing trend to own Bitcoin worldwide. As an industry, we need to work to develop more crypto products that are used in everyday situations to make real-life acquisitions easier. “

The market is expanding to Asia

New Paxful P2P protocol integrated in the Infinito crypto wallet
New Paxful P2P protocol integrated in the Infinito crypto wallet

Both companies are also eager to expand their services to the Vietnamese market, which they believe is a high potential market with a growing Bitcoin investor community.

Jack Nguyen, director of Infinito, said P2P trading would benefit the Vietnamese community:

“We are very excited to launch the first Paxful crypto wallet that will enable Bitcoin to be owned by even more people around the world and will also reach the Vietnamese market.”

They are launching a “crypto investment contest” to entice beginners to try the crypto world before investing. However, Youseff announced that new customers were added due to the COVID 19 crisis, which led to an increase in new user registrations worldwide in March.

“With so many people staying at home looking for other forms of income, they see the benefits of the P2P markets. Cryptocurrencies also solve the transfer problem as many traditional financial services are affected during the crisis. ”

More countries on the market

Youssef said Paxful is considering the expansion of the market to India, Russia and some countries in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

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