New NFT collection launched in Spain

Recently the new collection of NFTs was unveiled, “Smirriau NFT” ????, a personal project of the Spaniard José Miguel López Salvador, Who makes these “non-fungible tokens” available to collectors? 5,000 different designs inspired by a puppy named â ???? Smirriauâ ????

The collection of NFTs (Non-Fungible Token), a non-fungible token, was inspired by the cartoon of a dog called â ??? Dog as a pet.

Smirriau Token was created by its Spain-based developer. Jose Miguel López Salvador more than twenty years ago and himself; This has inspired him to create his new collection of NFTs.

New NFT collection launched in Spain
New NFT collection launched in Spain

â ???? Smirriau NFTâ ????, is a collection of 5,000 unique Pup NFT designs randomly generated based on an ERC token of the Ethereum network published on the blockchain. There are currently 721 in the minting process, for the time being.

The cartoon designs of the “Smirriau NFT” were created by programming from layers and a Python script, each with different properties and characteristics that distinguish them from the others

This token collection was created as a personal project of the Spanish developer José Miguel López, in this context he explains the following:

â ???? Smirriau NFT was a small personal project, the main goal of which was self-learning and which I saw in production after the efforts to get it ready, â € said IT, Digitization and Processes, Josà © Miguel López Salvador.

To get an NFT from this collection, the developer recommends Metamask, and it can be done in three ways: The first way is to buy it directly from the Smirriau NFT marketplace, where the NFTs are new and whoever is purchasing it will be the first. Owner, the second way is to get it through the external OpenSea platform (which another owner is putting up for sale) or a third option which is to get it as a gift from another owner, but for that you have to have an ETH wallet to receive it.

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