New global campaign calls on credit card companies to block pornographic websites

According to a BBC report dated May 8th A group of international activists and campaign groups have written to ten major credit card companies demanding that payments to pornographic websites be stopped immediately.

If successful, this campaign can result in a new wave of people turning to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to look for alternative payment methods.

Is all porn bad? No, according to PornHub

The letter, whose signatories represent activists from every continent except Antarctica, It is claimed that porn sites “eroticize sexual violence, incest, and racism” and that it is impossible “to judge or verify consent to a video on your website, let alone a live webcam video”.

New global campaign calls on credit card companies to block pornographic websites
New global campaign calls on credit card companies to block pornographic websites

This one “Makes porn sites inherently a target for sex dealers, child abusers and others who share predatory videos without consent.”he claims.

He came across a quick reprimand from the big porn site PornHub, which said they:

“A firm commitment to eradicate and combat all illegal content, including unauthorized and underage material. Any suggestion to the contrary is categorically and objectively imprecise.”

He also claimed that the organizations behind the letter, including conservative and faith-led groups, “They try to control people’s orientation and sexual activity. [y] Not only are they wrong, they are also deliberately misleading. “

Cryptocurrencies fill this hole

Mastercard has announced that it will investigate the allegations in the letter and end connection to pornographic websites if the cardholder’s illegal activity is confirmed.

American Express has introduced a global policy prohibiting online pornography transactions since 2000. However, a pilot program is underway with a company that allowed payments to certain pornographic websites and was also the goal of the writing.

As Cointelegraph reported In November, PayPal blocked payments to more than 100,000 PornHub modelsand let them go to find alternative ways to get money.

In response to that Edge (XVG), the 79th cryptocurrency, ordered by market cap and accepted on the website since 2018, grew by 33%. It seems that porn users will find a way with or without the support of the traditional payment provider.

PornHub also added Tether (USDT) as a payment option in Januaryand the website’s partnership with PumaPay cryptocurrency payment processor finally began last month, 18 months after its first announcement.

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