New crypto portfolio app easier and with the possibility to invest little money

A new application for Invest and manage your crypto portfolio is available for Android and iOS and promises to remove technological and financial barriers for new investors.

Started on May 7th With B21 Invest, users can easily create and manage their crypto portfolio with a Minimum deposit of just USD 25. You can buy cryptocurrencies through the app by paying with Credit card or bank transfer.

Invest easily in multiple cryptocurrencies

Once the funds are deposited on the platform, they can be used Buy individual assets or split them up into a custom wallet. Credits can be adjusted via the app panel and individual assets can be sold and traded at will. B21 founder Nitin Agarwal said the company’s mission is to:

“Facilitating investment in digital assets so everyone can make a profit without having to deal with the complex technology that is typically associated with investing in digital currencies.”

New crypto portfolio app easier and with the possibility to invest little money
New crypto portfolio app easier and with the possibility to invest little money

The application is available in 65 countries and in six languages.

The fine print

Withdrawals with a minimum value of USD 25 can be done free of charge through an ACH transfer within the United States. They can also be made through national or international transfers. although this will cost.

The future plans include the Debit card introducedto which funds can be transferred and used, and the possibility of invest and earn interest via DeFi services.

Although the application B21 Invest offers a smoother access ramp For those previously prevented from investing in digital assets, the downside is that it’s a fully protected service. This will not appeal to those who demand full control over their private keys and wallets, although in fact they do it is not for whom it is intended

Agargarwal he said Cointelegraph What expects approximately 90% of users to be investors of cryptocurrencies for the first time, but that the application It also has something to offer those who already own digital assets.

“Even current investors could have difficulty investing through trading platforms. The latter are for retailers, while non-custody purses are for high-tech people who prefer to keep their keys. B21 is primarily aimed at people who want to invest but do not care about the management of their keys or the complication of decentralized exchange. “

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