New analysis suggests that Satoshi Nakamoto was a Londoner

A new report found this London was the most likely place Satoshi Nakamoto would have worked on Bitcoin between 2008 and 2010.

The author of the report, Doncho Karaivanov, checked several factors to justify the conclusion, including an analysis of the timestamps of Satoshi’s published materials, his use of regional slang and spelling, and the fact that the heading was from The times embedded in the Genesis block was specific to the print version of the English newspaper.

The idea that Satoshi was British is not new, as hundreds of journalists, detectives and researchers have thoroughly analyzed the traces of the Bitcoin creator’s activities and searched the internet for clues that lead to its origins.

New analysis suggests that Satoshi Nakamoto was a Londoner
New analysis suggests that Satoshi Nakamoto was a Londoner

However, this latest report in The Chain Bulletin contains additional information from previous analyzes, such as: B. highlighting the likelihood that Satoshi was referring to the printed edition of The times when he encoded the now famous January 3, 2009 heading into the Genesis block of Bitcoin.

That’s because only the printed edition of The times distributed in England uses the headline “Chancellor on the verge of second bank bailout”The online edition had the chancellor’s name in the headline. The American edition of the paper did not contain the story at all. Karaivanov analyzed reader data and showed that approximately 43% of readers of The times is located in London and if “London is considered the largest financial center in the world, these data make it very likely that Satoshi lived in London from 2008-2010”.

Karaivanov’s analysis of Timestamped materials published by Satoshi, including posts on Bitcointalk, emails to early Bitcoin developers, and commitments in the Bitcoin repository on SourceForge, provide additional evidence that Satoshi may have been based in GMT time (UK). However, you acknowledge that Satoshi’s posting pattern could also reflect someone who has resided in the EST (US East Coast) OR PST (US West Coast) time zones.

Among the time zones that were completely excluded were those that stretched across Japan, where Satoshi claimed to have been the P2P foundation according to his profile, and Australia, which Karaivanov said is “impossible even remotely” unless Satoshi is “a vampire”.

Finding that Satoshi likely lived in London between 2008 and 2010 did not reveal any information to some Reddit users, and one commented, “In other breaking news, Santa may have lived while working at the North Pole. in toys for young children. “

Furthermore, Not everyone in the bitcoin industry is interested in discovering Satoshi’s origins or identity. In August Blockstream CEO Adam Back told Cointelegraph that it would be unwise for Satoshi to reveal himself publicly. Blockstream takes the position that Satoshi’s identity should not be speculated as the activity goes against the ideals of cyberpunk.

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