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Netflix announces price hike in Mexico for June 1st

May 7, 2020

The base plan offered by Netflix is ​​the least affected since its increase is 10 pesos, as Netflix covers the remaining amount.

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Netflix announces price hike in Mexico for June 1stNetflix announces price hike in Mexico for June 1st

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By Brenda Medel

In early 2020 it was announced that prices for various digital services and platforms Streaming You would see prices rise due to the new tax reforms resulting from a measure approved by the Senate of the Republic. Now Netflix confirms that its costs will increase in Mexico due to the application of the new digital tax that results from it June 1, 2020.

At the end of 2019, a new tax was approved, consisting of levying a VAT of 16% (VAT) on various digital platforms. As of the following month 2020, services such as the Streaming They will be more expensive nationally.

According to a statement by the company with the red letter “N” (about) subscribers have already started to be informed about the situation. They also assured that they will work hard to minimize the impact of this measure.

As reported at the end of 2019, the Mexican government will introduce VAT on digital services such as Netflix from June 1. As a result, we have started to inform our users that our prices will be adjusted. At the same time, we worked to minimize the impact on our baseline. Members will see this tax as a separate item on their bill from June 1st. “

It should be noted that the Basic plan The offer offered by Netflix is ​​the least affected as the increase is 10 pesos as Netflix covers the remaining amount.

Here is the price of the new plans:

  • Basic plan with a standard definition device: From 129 pesos to 139 pesos.
  • Standard plan that includes two simultaneous, high-resolution devices: From 169 pesos to 196 pesos.
  • Premium plan that includes four ultra-high resolution simultaneous devices: From 229 pesos to 266 pesos

It should be remembered that in March 2019, Netflix decided to increase the price of its subscriptions not only in Mexico, but also in the U.S. and other parts of the world. However, on this occasion it turned out that the increase was a strategy that promised a higher quality of the content consumed by the users.

Given the new national situation, it would still be necessary to know the new price for services such as Amazon Prime Video, Uber, Didi, Mercado Libre and others.

You can learn more about the new digital tax on Netflix click on here.

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