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Netanyahu urges Hezbollah leader to calm down and reminds him that Israel knows how to defend itself

August 27, 2019

TEL AVIV, 27 Aug. (DPA / EP) –

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged the leader of the Lebanese Shiite militia party Hezbollah Hassan Nasralá to calm down after he has promised that his group will respond to any Israeli attack in Lebanon and Syria.

Hezbollah has accused Israel of being behind two drones that fell on suburbs in southern Beirut this Sunday and said they had explosives. The Israeli authorities have not confirmed being behind these events.

“I have heard Nasralá's words and I suggest you calm down,” said Netanyahu during an act in Jerusalem. “He knows very well that the State of Israel knows well how to defend itself and respond against its enemies,” he warned.

“I want to tell him and the State of Lebanon, which is home to this organization that seeks to destroy us, and also to (the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard) Qassem Suleimani: be careful these words and be even more careful with your actions,” has prevented.

In a speech on Sunday, Nasralá accused Israel of having carried out a drone attack. “I tell the Israeli Army at the border that from this night they remain on guard. Wait for us in one, two, three or four days,” said the Hezbollah leader.

According to the newspaper 'Yediot Ahronot', the Israeli Army has ordered the restriction of movements of military vehicles along the northern border with Lebanon following the threats of Hezbollah. The movement of certain military vehicles will only be possible with prior approval, said the Army, which has made it clear that the civilian population will not be affected by the measure.