Netanyahu announces that Israel will annex the Jordan Valley if it wins the elections

The Palestinian prime minister accuses his Israeli counterpart of being the “chief destroyer of the peace process”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Tuesday that he intends to annex the Jordan Valley to the country, the border area with Jordan and that it is in the occupied West Bank, if it wins next week's elections.

Netanyahu has promised to put under “Israeli sovereignty” all Israeli settlements in the West Bank if he is re-elected, while clarifying that “a place to which Israeli sovereignty can be applied immediately after the elections is the Jordan Valley.”

Netanyahu announces that Israel will annex the Jordan Valley if it wins the elections
Netanyahu announces that Israel will annex the Jordan Valley if it wins the elections

“The next Government will apply Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley,” he added, which means the effective annexation of this Palestinian territory.

However, he has clarified that he will wait to take the step until “after the elections” out of respect for the Donald Trump Administration and his long-awaited proposal for a peace plan between Israelis and Palestinians, which Washington has anticipated would be known after the appointment with The polls in Israel on September 17.

“I want from you a clear mandate to put all settlements under Israeli sovereignty,” he defended in his televised intervention, according to the 'Times of Israel' media.

Successive Israeli governments have ensured at all times that they will never relinquish control over the Jordan Valley. The prime minister has argued that, with a clear mandate at the polls, Israel will “finally define its permanent borders, promising that Judea and Samaria (West Bank) do not become Gaza.”

According to Netanyahu, the country “has not had this kind of opportunity” to be able to define its borders since the Six Day War in 1967 and “may not have it in another 50 years.”

Since the Blue and White alliance, the main rival of the Likud of Netanyahu in these elections, they have thrown in the face of the prime minister who has copied his promise that the Jordan Valley “will always” be Israeli.

In a statement, they have reproached the propaganda use that Netanyahu has made of the situation. “Blue and White has declared that the Jordan Valley will be part of Israel forever,” they have defended, accusing Netanyahu of having endorsed precisely a plan in 2014, in the framework of the peace talks, which included the “delivery” of This territory

“We are glad that Netanyahu has entered into reason and adopted the White and Blue plan for the recognition of the Jordan Valley”, has celebrated the alliance led by Benny Gantz.


Meanwhile, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohamed Shtayé has accused Netanyahu of being “the chief destroyer of the peace process.” “Any crazy gesture he makes will have negative consequences for him locally and internationally,” he warned during a meeting in Ramallah with the Spanish consul general in Jerusalem.

“Palestine is not part of the Netanyahu election campaign and if it believes that annexing the settlement blocs will give it more votes in the short term, then he and Israel will be the long-term losers,” he said, according to the Palestinian news agency Wafa In this regard, he has taken the opportunity to ask EU countries to accelerate the recognition of the Palestinian State.

For his part, the secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Saeb Erekat, has argued that “the last thing that Palestinians and Israelis need is to add more firewood to the fire.” “We need to put out the fire, we need to make peace,” he said, the Jerusalem Post reports.

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