Navidul has started to integrate blockchain technology in Spain

The leading company in the production of ham from Toledo in Spain, Navidul has started integrating blockchain technology into its Iberian parts in order to reliably and securely meet the demands of its customers and consumers. This was reported by infoRetail in Spain on their website this Monday.

The company of the SIGMA group in Europe integrates the technology of the “Chain of Blocks” in its Iberian pieces, both ham and shoulders and cheese that In this way, the consumer can know all the information about the product to be bought from origin to final destination and improve his shopping experience. With this in mind, the director of the Navidul Business Unit points out that:

“Applying this technology will make it easier for our customers and consumers to know the life cycle of our Iberian hams and shoulders through first-hand information offered by all the suppliers involved in the manufacture of the piece they purchase, and them guarantees for quality and food safety offer the maximum, ”says Juana Manso.

How the blockchain works in Navidul

In this project, a QR code is inserted into the Vitola of the Iberian Pieces, which the consumer can scan on their mobile phone and thus receive data information, e.g. E.g. the feeding of the pig where it was cured, the weight of the end of the piece or best before date. This code will be inserted in mid-2021.

Navidul has started to integrate blockchain technology in Spain
Navidul has started to integrate blockchain technology in Spain

The introduction of this technology at Navidul represents a revolution in the market in terms of transparency, food safety and quality control and meets the needs of those looking for a deeper knowledge of the products they consume. In this regard, Navidul’s Quality Director Tomas Alonso added:

“So far, traditional traceability systems have enabled internal monitoring of all stages of production and the transformation of certain products. With the implementation of blockchain technology, Navidul will open these processes to suppliers, customers and consumers and promote greater transparency in the supply chain.”

Security and convenience in the blockchain

Blockchain technology provides the consumer with important added value by providing them with truthful, complete and immutable information. The blockchain not only enables knowledge of the traceability of the product, but also offers the opportunity to improve the customer experience, open the door for active participation in the value chain and give their opinion on the product through a satisfaction survey.

“Our customers and consumers are at the heart of our business strategy. Because of this, by applying blockchain technology to our Iberian shoulders and hams, we can work better to meet their needs, so that they can increasingly enjoy a great cult product in our gastronomy and a brand with the greatest trust, ”affirmed the Director of the Navidul division.

Blockchain: Spanish avant-garde

The use of technologies such as blockchain enables the development of business processes that facilitate their security and traceability. Because of this, more and more initiatives are being launched to serve Spanish companies that are adopting the implementation of this disruptive technology.

There are currently several sectors of the economy in Spain using blockchain technology and its traceability model. This is the case with Chainwood, for example, which recently developed a solution that uses blockchain technology to track wood. The program consists of a mobile app and a website that allows the wood to be traced from its origin to its final processing. Calconut is another Spanish company that uses blockchain technology to provide consumers with information about the supply chain of their food products.

Another sector that implements this model is the winemaking sector, referred to in an article by Cointelegraph last August.

The president of Bodegas Emilio Moro and Bodegas Cepa 21, José Moro, together with the Cubic Fort company, managed to provide solutions for the origin and route of wineries through a GPS system that is irrefutably in front of an independent third party digitized from harvest to the collection container in the winery, thus digitizing the entire process.

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