NASA wants you to design a space mission for lunar missions and is offering $ 35,000

The space agency is looking for a cosmic toilet that is operated with microgravity and lunar gravity.

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NASA wants you to design a space mission for lunar missions and is offering $ 35,000
NASA wants you to design a space mission for lunar missions and is offering $ 35,000

This story originally appeared on PCMag

It is easy to forget that despite 240 astronauts at the International space station For two decades, humans have not entered the moon since December 1972. Now that NASA is preparing to send the first woman and the next man to Earth satellites by 2024, some basic needs need to be met. Starting with a working toilet.

The POT They ask people around the world to help design a compact toilet that can be used in zero gravity and moon gravity. The appropriately named Lunar Loo Challenge started this week and invited everyone to develop a concept that could be adapted for use on NASA Artemis moon ships. But you may be wondering, are there no indoor bathrooms? After all, people on the ISS have to urinate and empty themselves somewhere. And while the space station has a “cosmic latrine” (there are numerous YouTube video tours), it is designed to work only in zero gravity.

“NASA’s Human Landing System Program is looking for a next-generation device that is smaller, more efficient, and” capable of working in both zero gravity and lunar gravity. “The first, the state in which people or Objects that appear to be weightless differ from the gravity of the lunar surface and therefore require different ways of disposing of waste.

“As long as astronauts are in the cabin and outside of their spacesuits, they need a toilet with the same capabilities as Earth,” said a NASA press release announcing the Lunar Loo Challenge.

“The return to the moon by 2024 is an ambitious goal, and NASA is already working on approaches to miniaturize and rationalize existing toilets,” the challenge says. “But they also invite ideas from the global community, knowing that they will tackle the problem with a different mindset than traditional aerospace technology. This challenge hopes to radically new and different approaches to the problem of capturing and containing human beings Waste to gain. “

Do you think you can solve this puzzle? Submit your idea online to win a share of $ 35,000 prize pool (shared among the teams that submit the three best designs in the technical category). Creatives under the age of 18 can enter the junior category for public recognition and an official NASA merchandise item. The competition ends on August 17, 2020.

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