MyWish, a platform for creating and managing smart contracts for blockchain, arrives in Peru

According to a press release by MyWish founder Vladimir Tikhomirov The platform for creating and managing intelligent contracts in blockchain lands on the Latin American market with the aim of positioning its solutions and promoting the use of intelligent contracts in the region.

For Tikhomirov, the influence of blockchain on various areas of our lives is already a reality. And in their opinion, smart contracts are a key basis for the introduction of blockchain.

In his opinion, intelligent contracts guarantee the highest level of security and avoid intermediaries in order to automatically execute every clause of an agreement between the parties. The company, founded in 2017, used Peru as a base of operations to expand its solutions in the region., which hopes to increase its calculated user base by around 10,000 who have since created more than 8,000 smart contracts on the various blockchain platforms that MyWish works under.

MyWish, a platform for creating and managing smart contracts for blockchain, arrives in Peru
MyWish, a platform for creating and managing smart contracts for blockchain, arrives in Peru

With MyWish, intelligent contracts can currently be encoded on blockchain platforms such as Waves, NEO, EOS, TRON and Ethereum., in a few more words, according to Vladimir.

“Smart contracts are an agreement between parties that are similar to those of the physical format but have the ability to execute themselves. These collect the various clauses in the form of code and are stored in blockchains, which eliminates the number when the information is in a code format stored, they will be interpreted and will carry out the measures contained in the contract.After entering into an agreement, all signatory parties will remain anonymous as soon as the information is found and will be encrypted under the premise of “if then”, so that any condition taken into account will lead to the execution of a specific action, “said the executive.

Tikhomirov noted that the contracts that can be drawn up with the MyWish services are as follows:

  • Token Agreement: Allows you to create your own token for sale, distribution, or future crowdsale.

Also MyWish offers the Token Protector Service, a kind of offline custodian to protect your assets through intelligent contracts These are decentralized in the blockchain and not on servers or offline devices. The service is easy to create and can be run in just five minutes to ensure the security of a user’s assets.

“The increasing acceptance of tools based on blockchain technology is already present in many countries around the world and will be of fundamental importance for the management of various processes in both companies and users who want to invest in cryptocurrencies in the future. Our experience in creating and managing smart contracts is critical to us for positioning in the Latin American market as part of our growth strategy as a company. We currently have the resources, the equipment and the technological basis to help companies and users who want to use smart contracts, ”concluded Tikhomirov.

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