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MyInvestor claims it is the top-selling fintech company in Spain

July 11, 2020

MyInvestor-Neobank, in which Andbank Spain, El Corte Inglés Seguros, Axa Spain and several family offices are involved, has developed into the largest fintech in terms of volume after sales of EUR 500 million. The company reported this through a statement on its website.

“This figure, which stood at EUR 100 million in July 2019, includes the balance of accounts, loan portfolio and equity in investment funds and pension plans,” clarified MyInvestor.

The neo-bank It already has more than 30,000 customers, a growth of 150% compared to 12,000 12 months ago..

MyInvestor claims it is the top-selling fintech company in SpainMyInvestor claims it is the top-selling fintech company in Spain

Apparently, the Covid-19 pandemic has not affected the growth of the Neobank, which has had record opening rates in recent months: “More than 2,000 new accounts a month after the Vanguard index funds were launched in February, iShares and Amundi with no minimum investment “.

“It is an exclusive and inaccessible product in bank distribution networks that has become one of the main products of the online bank,” they said.

MyInvestor works as a bank agent for Andbank Spain. As mentioned earlier, a gap has been closed in the Spanish market thanks to the 1% compensation account and competitive mortgage terms.

About MyInvestor

MyInvestor is a neo-bank specializing in investments. The company acts as a bank agent for Andbank Spain and is monitored by the Bank of Spain and the CNMV. It is attached to the FOGAIN (Investment Guarantee Fund) and the Spanish Deposit Guarantee Fund.

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