MSF claims that Israel’s “unjustified” attack on its Gaza clinic killed more than 40 people

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) on Monday condemned Israel’s “unjustified and intolerable” attack on one of its Gaza clinics that weekend, killing 42 people, including 10 minors.

“Everything that has happened this week is terrible. It is very difficult to see the civilian casualty count increasing day by day. When I approached the area yesterday morning and saw firsthand the damage that had occurred.” , I was speechless in the area where our clinic is located, “complained Dr. Mohamed Abu Mughaiseeb, Deputy Medical Coordinator for MSF in Gaza.

Israeli forces launched several air strikes on the Gaza Strip on Saturday evening. MFS has reported that one of the buildings affected by this offensive is one of the city’s clinics.

MSF claims that Israel’s “unjustified” attack on its Gaza clinic killed more than 40 people
MSF claims that Israel’s “unjustified” attack on its Gaza clinic killed more than 40 people

“There was nothing that wasn’t damaged. Our clinic, where we treat more than 1,000 children with burns and trauma every year, had lost one of its walls and everything was full of rubble,” said Mughaiseeb.

“The building is now closed, not only because of the damage to its structure, but also because the access road to the clinic has been destroyed and the area is still unsafe,” he added.

MSF has criticized Israeli air strikes for damaging many infrastructure such as roads and access roads leading to hospitals. For this reason, the NGO has warned that many wounded with life-threatening injuries face enormous difficulties in accessing emergency services.

“The medical staff fear for their safety during their work trips. Two doctors were among the 42 people who were killed in the air strikes near our clinic,” said Médecins Sans Frontières.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, more than 200 people have died, including 59 minors, since the Israeli forces began attacking Gaza. On the other hand, there are ten deaths including two children.

“The terrible attacks on civilians and civil infrastructure that we are witnessing in Gaza are unjustifiable and unbearable,” said Ely Sok, general coordinator of MSF in the occupied Palestinian territories.

“The situation is critical. The number of injured and displaced persons is increasing and humanitarian reinforcement personnel and medical care are still unable to go to Gaza,” said Sok, who warned that the blood supply to women was running out. Transfusions.

MSF has reported that its staff is working with medical staff at Al Awda Hospital in the Jabalia area, which treats 40 to 45 patients “with deep wounds and severe burns” every day. In turn, uncertainty across the region prevents the NGO from keeping some of its facilities and programs operational.

The NGO has denounced that while Israel continues the bombings on Gaza, more than 38,000 Palestinians have been forced to flee their homes for security reasons and at least 2,500 people, including their staff, have been left homeless.

“Israel must stop these attacks in the heart of Gaza. We have seen time and again that civilians are killed. In such a densely populated place it is not possible to limit the effects of the bombing,” said Sok, who also did the same urged “safe access to the strip for humanitarian personnel as well as basic and medical care”.

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