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Motivate your employees without spending (much) money

May 24, 2020

Encourage your employees by following these five tips that can help you increase your company’s productivity without spending too much money.

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Motivate your employees without spending (much) money
Motivate your employees without spending (much) money

When we talk about work motivation, the first thing that comes to mind is a raise. Although money is a great motivator for workers and tells them that they do an excellent job, resources are scarce in times of crisis and there are no costs. Therefore, it is necessary to rethink a new way of motivating the teams without affecting the economy of your company.

To help you develop a new non-monetary strategy that enables you to motivate your employees in a good mood and thus increase productivity in the company, the developer and marketer of management systems for SMEs. It offers five ways of doing work Motivate your employees without having to spend money on your company.

1. Confirm your work

For workers, receiving a compliment can change their mood and desire for work. The bosses’ words have great power. When an employee really feels valued, their performance improves. Mention the value of your work whenever it’s worth it, and not just highlight your successes to make them feel important in the company.

2. Respect

Treat all of your employees, regardless of rank, with respect. Nobody likes to be humiliated, least of all before other people.

3. Ensure autonomy

Feeling autonomous is important to promote motivation and self-confidence. Forget daily reports or current motivational meetings. It grants independence to carry out its activities without taking excessive control over each of them.

4. There is flexibility in schedules

All members of the company sometimes need free moments to devote themselves to personal matters. Whether it’s medical advice, government procedures, school meetings, or other activities that take time. When it is your turn or the needs of the market allow it, give employees the opportunity to adjust their schedule to their needs.

5. Promote leisure activities

By organizing leisure activities that promote coexistence, friendship and, above all, teamwork, employees who have a friendship or a good relationship with their employees spend more time in the same company and feel happy in their work environment. .