Morocco accuses Spain of “willingness to create problems” amid Ghali crisis

The Moroccan authorities have accused Spain of “having the will to create problems” amid the diplomatic crisis sparked by the hospitalization of Polisario Front leader Brahim Ghali in Logroño.

Moroccan Prime Minister Saadedín Ozmani chaired a meeting on Thursday afternoon with several ministers and leaders of political parties represented in parliament, for which the head of the Foreign Ministry, Naser Burita, presented a report on the situation.

Afterwards, the executive spokesman Saaid Amzazi stressed that participants regretted that “Spain is being carried away by the will to create problems, thwart Morocco’s efforts to anchor its territorial integrity and pressure Rabat”.

Morocco accuses Spain of “willingness to create problems” amid Ghali crisis
Morocco accuses Spain of “willingness to create problems” amid Ghali crisis

“Participants felt that Spain’s positions, which go against the national cause, which requires consensus among all Moroccans, have undermined mutual trust and respect,” said Amzazi, reading the final communiqué after the meeting.

Thus, he warned participants that this is “an inappropriate attitude of a friendly country linked to Morocco through important strategic associations” before stressing that “the question of territorial integrity (Morocco) is dynamically positive thanks to international political Support. “

On the other hand, the participants emphasized the parties’ support for King Mohamed VI. And stated that the causes of the crisis are related to the situation in Western Sahara, an issue that “affects all Moroccans”, according to the Moroccan state news agency KARTE.

According to this information, the meeting’s participants condemned “attempts to redirect the debate” on the causes of the crisis and stressed that the reason was Ghali’s entry “with forged documents and usurped identity”, despite the government’s request Dishes.

Previously, Moroccan Ambassador to Madrid, Karima Benyaich, accused Spanish Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya of making “inappropriate” statements and “false facts” in the current political crisis that was at issue. “mutual respect” between the two countries.

Benyaich, whom Rabat called for consultation, directly accused Laya of her public statements, which she viewed as the result of “excitement and nervousness” and argued that the crisis “revealed the real implicit intentions and motivations of certain circles in Spain.” who, after the restoration of the Moroccan Sahara in 1975, continue to want to harm the superior interests of the Kingdom (Morocco) “.

With this in mind, it was asked whether the statements by Laya – which the official agency does not specify – are due to a “mistake” or whether there is a background that contradicts the “territorial integrity” of Morocco, a cause which Benyaich considers “sacred.” “has designated”. “Morocco takes note and will act accordingly,” it stated.

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