Morocco accuses Spain of “creating” the crisis and now wanting Europe to take it over

Moroccan Foreign Minister Naser Bourita this Sunday accused Spain of being responsible for “creating” the crisis sparked by the presence in Spain of the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, and then wanted it from Europe is taken over.

“Spain did not consult Europe before taking decisions affecting Moroccan interests. Spain did not consult Europe before failing to comply with the Schengen criteria to accept the fraudulent entry of someone wanted by the Spanish judiciary. Spain has created a crisis and wants now where Europe accepts it, “said Bourita in an interview with the French broadcaster Europa1.

Bourita has therefore asked to “contextualize” the crisis between Morocco and Spain: “There is a context of the bilateral crisis between Morocco and Spain (…), a crisis that has nothing to do with Europe, a crisis that of a national decision of Spain without consulting its European partners “.

Morocco accuses Spain of “creating” the crisis and now wanting Europe to take it over
Morocco accuses Spain of “creating” the crisis and now wanting Europe to take it over

Bourita therefore believes that “an attempt is being made to divert the debate and focus on a migration problem, while the end result of the crisis is an act of injustice by Spain towards Morocco, its people and its strategic interests”.

Regarding the merely wandering situation, Bourita has asked “to get away from emotional talk”. “The first truth is that Morocco has no obligation, vocation or obligation to protect borders other than its own. Morocco is neither the gendarme nor the concierge of Europe to protect borders that are not its own,” he said .

When asked about the current moment in diplomatic relations with Spain, Bourita pointed out that “contrary to what the Spanish Foreign Minister (Arancha González Laya) says, there has been no contact between Morocco and Spain since this crisis broke out. And contrary to what she said Morocco was never informed of the arrival of this person, “referring to Brahim Ghali.

“Today Morocco asks clear questions: Is it normal in a constitutional state in front of a partner like Morocco for a passport to be forged, to usurp an identity in order to bring someone to European territory? Is it normal for this man to be processed in Spain? for four complaints: rape, terrorism and torture? “, Bourita teased.

In any case, he emphasized: “Morocco distinguishes between its very good relations with almost all EU countries and a bilateral crisis that arises from a hostile attitude on the part of Spain.” “We are trying to redirect the debate and create a crisis between Morocco and the EU that does not exist,” he added.

For Bourita, “there is a problem of trust and mutual respect with one’s direct partner in a crisis that Spain itself caused. It is up to her to find the solution.” “If Spain believes that the crisis could be resolved by secretly removing this man through the same procedures, it is because it seeks to make the crisis worse and worse, or even break it,” he warned.

“Morocco has done a lot in migration cooperation, neither out of obligation nor for a counterpart. It did so on the basis of an association. An association between Morocco and Spain and an association between Morocco and the EU, but the association is not à la carte The association means first and foremost that we understand the strategic interests of the partners, “argued.

He stressed that “Morocco has never acted to provide services for financial compensation.” “The average Morocco receives from the EU does not exceed EUR 300 million a year, less than 20 percent of the costs that the kingdom assumes in connection with combating illegal immigration,” he said.

The crisis with Spain “is above all a migration crisis that emerges from a political crisis between two partners” and has therefore rejected those who want to present Morocco as “the bad one”. He recalled that Morocco had dismantled 8,000 human trafficking organizations in the last four years alone.

Morocco has also abandoned 14,000 illegal immigration attempts, including 80 attempted attacks on the city of Ceuta. According to Bourita, more than 9,000 pieces of information about illegal immigration have been exchanged with Spain.

Regarding the allegations of “migration extortion”, Bourita has argued that “the problem is once again ill-posed: it is as if Morocco were obliged to act to protect Europe”. “Morocco is not obliged. Morocco does this as a partner and the club has bases. The club is two-way,” he emphasized.

On the issue of migrant minors, the Minister noted that “it is a problem that Morocco, as part of its responsibility, is openly discussing with many European countries”.

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