Morgan Stanley: 84 funds invested in BITCOIN this year!

Despite the speculative risks around cryptocurrencies, the latter are increasingly important in the world of finance. A report published by Morgan Stanley continues this trend, telling us that $ 2 billion have been invested this year in investmentfunds related to cryptocurrencies.

Cryptofunds are increasing!

Morgan Stanley Report: Bitcoin Investment Fund

This year, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are in full swing. The biggest investors in the wholeworldknow it very well. This explains why some of them decide to invest in digital currencies, and a recent report prepared by Morgan Stanley Bank for their clients seems to confirm this trend.

Morgan Stanley: 84 funds invested in BITCOIN this year!
Morgan Stanley: 84 funds invested in BITCOIN this year!

Titled “Bitcoin Decoded” (“Decoded Bitcoin”), the document states that 84 investmentfunds have focused on several projects related to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This study is the result of a duo formed by Morgan Stanley and Autonomous NEXT (a consulting firm). Calculate the total investment of these funds at $ 2 billion.

The number of these funds has increased considerably. In fact, we went from 11 funds in 2016 to 84 this year.

The total return made by these investmentfunds was determined by the research firm HFR, which has estimated a yield of 1,641% since November 2017, compared to a yield of 295% for the whole year. 2015

Investment funds that have been cracked for bitcoin

Among those who decided to bet on cryptocurrencies this year, there is especially Miller Value Partners which, according to Coindesk, is one of the main investors in Bitcoin. Bill Miller, the head of this hugefund with more than $ 2 billion in assets, admitted in a podcast that one of its companies has invested 50% or more in Bitcoin.

In the United Kingdom, some investmentfunds have also shown interest in bitcoin. This is, for example, the case of Man Group, a fund that manages a total of 95 billion dollars. The titanic British fund recently announced its intention to add cryptocurrencies to its portfolio.

France is also well represented in this list of funds related to digitalcurrencies in 2017. To mention just a few, the report mentions Eiffel Investment Group, Otium Capital and Tobam. The latter has also marked the world of cryptocurrency last November, by launching the first Bitcoin mutual fund in Europe.

Finally, other funds, such as the Galaxy Digital Asset Fund or BlueYard, will also be available at the end of the year, because their influence in the market is not negligible.

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