Moreno stresses that he does not resign á “under any circumstances” despite protests

The president says the government expected demonstrations but not “criminal acts”


The president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, stressed that he will not resign “under any circumstances” despite strong protests in the country and has assured that the government expected “part of what he has seen” in the streets, but not ” criminal acts against the rule of law and democracy. ”

In an interview with the Telamazonas chain, the Ecuadorian leader has estimated that there are already about 700 detainees “related to criminal acts” throughout the country. Moreno, who visited the National Unity bridge on Tuesday night, in Guayaquil, where a large security device has been deployed, has insisted that “the principles are not taken over.”

Moreno stresses that he does not resign á “under any circumstances” despite protests
Moreno stresses that he does not resign á “under any circumstances” despite protests

“What has happened during these years is that the most affluent people and criminals have benefited from the fuel subsidy,” he warned in relation to the 'package', a series of adjustment measures required by the International Monetary Fund ( IMF).

“These decisions were always intended for the benefit of the poorest. We have made a great plan for agriculture, which includes a trust, bonds, herbicides, machinery, medical centers and improved rural schools,” he explained.

On his possible resignation before the disturbances registered since he announced the measures on October 1, Moreno has affirmed that “under no circumstances have I thought of resigning.” “I will leave if the Ecuadorians decide, but not for those who want to return. I am taking the most appropriate measures and correct decisions,” he said.

In this sense, he has taken the opportunity to criticize the correistas, and has insisted that his transfer to Guayaquil has as main reason to be able to perform his duties more easily. “I will not stop going to Quito,” he said of the capital, where the National Assembly is located in which indigenous protesters have broken into.

“I toured the streets of Guayaquil and there is really enough tranquility. The actions taken have managed to calm the situation, the citizens of Durán themselves have put their canton in order,” he said.

On a possible solution to the crisis, the president has stressed that he appreciates “the participation of all those who practice mediation” and said that “without a doubt, it is difficult to agree on all organizations.”

To conclude, Moreno has launched a message of “peace, with an extended hand for indigenous brothers to pick it up” and has pointed out that the authorities will not talk to the “dishonest, with whom the silver was stolen”. “Not with them,” he adds.

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