Moreno says that “it is not a bad idea” to advance elections in Ecuador although for the moment he discards

Rejects that a bloodbath may occur due to protests


The president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, said Wednesday that “it is not a bad idea” to advance elections in the country but, for the moment, “has not thought” about this possibility.

“The matter is not in my folder. But (…) maybe at some point it is not a bad idea,” said the president in an interview with BBC. “There is always that possibility, but I have not thought about it,” Moreno added.

Moreno says that “it is not a bad idea” to advance elections in Ecuador although for the moment he discards
Moreno says that “it is not a bad idea” to advance elections in Ecuador although for the moment he discards

In this context, the president of Ecuador has defended the economic measures adopted by his Government and that have provoked protests in the country. The measures include the elimination of fuel subsidies and, in his opinion, these subsidies benefit “the richest.”

“It is a fair measure, which benefits the poorest and is detrimental to those who have been benefiting from a most unfair subsidy,” said the president of Ecuador. “It is a subsidy that benefited the richest and those who trafficked with the efforts of Ecuadorians to subsidize diesel and gasoline,” Moreno stressed.

The president explained that in Ecuador, diesel and gasoline are consumed, above all, that it is necessary to import at international prices and that it is sold at less than half its cost.

“The traffickers are those who took gasoline by ship to the borders, they are the ones who benefited,” insisted the president, who also stressed that “the measure was taken long ago” and that “no government” had dared to take her.

In addition, Moreno has assured that the government had planned to unleash the protests after the approval of the austerity measures because former President Rafael Correa and his former collaborators had been in Venezuela and the Ecuadorian Indians “are not in the habit of being aggressive.”

Thus, the presence of the former rulers of the country in Venezuela is due, in his opinion, to “surely” receive “orders from the dictator's satrap, from the scoundrel of Caracas that has plunged his population into hunger and despair,” he said. referring to the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

As for the indigenous people, he has valued that “they are fundamentally peace people”. “And as they are people of peace, at this moment their right to social protest is terribly affected by the interference of violent groups paid by the correistas,” he denounced.

“That is why in the face of acts of violence are young people with their faces covered,” he said. “They are not indigenous, they do not have the physical characteristics of our indigenous people,” he added. “They are salaried people who are assaulting people,” he has settled.

Moreno has also referred to his decision to move the headquarters of the Government of the country from Quito to Guayaquil just as thousands of indigenous people arrived in the capital to protest.

In this regard, he has argued that “Quito in the first place is a heritage city.” “It has a historic center that must be taken care of, preserved, and that pitifully these evil groups have destroyed during these two days,” he lamented.

In addition, he explained that, “being a city with colonial characteristics, the center of Quito, where the Government Palace is located, is quite cloistered and difficult to reach if it is surrounded by military and police.” “It is easy to reach the protesters and difficult to reach the people who work in the government palace,” he said.

On the other hand, he has ensured that most of the protesters went for him. “That was what it was about,” he said, “because what I really did with the shabby citizen revolution was to denounce them, expose them to the public arena and, above all, the terrible acts they did against Ecuador's finances.”

However, Moreno has ruled out that there will be a bloodbath in the streets of Ecuador. “I think that is not going to happen,” he said. “We are determined that this does not happen,” he added.

In reference to the performance of the Armed Forces of Ecuador, he has indicated that “they are exercising force gradually.”

“I think there is going to be understanding, rationality. Nobody wants to be a victim. Of course neither farmers, nor indigenous, nor military, nor police want to be victims. And that will help to have a quick solution,” said Moreno.

“We are opening bridges of dialogue. The Ecuadorian Episcopal Conference, the universities of Ecuador and the United Nations have immediately come for it,” the president concluded.

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