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Moreno offers a logo but clarifies that “under no circumstances” recover á the fuel subsidy

October 4, 2019


The president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, said on Friday that he is willing to talk with the sectors that have demonstrated against the government's economic reform, although he has stressed that the measure that has caused the protests, the withdrawal of the fuel subsidy , will not be reversed “under any circumstances”.

“Talk, of course,” Moreno said in a press conference held in Guayaquil, emphasizing that “the dialogue is government policy.” He has even been willing to discuss “mechanisms to alleviate a little the effect (of the withdrawal of public aid) in some sectors,” according to Ecuadorian media.

However, he has clarified that he will only speak “with the people who want to work, who want to take the country forward”, expressly vetoing “those who have been unduly enriched” and “those who violate the Constitution and the rights that all people have “. “Attacking people are criminal acts that must have the respective sanction,” he stressed.

Likewise, he has clarified that he will not back down because he considers that the diesel and gasoline subsidy is “harmful to the Ecuadorian economy”, pointing out in this regard that 60,000 million dollars have been dedicated to this end, a money that “will now be” intended exclusively to address safety, health and education issues. ”

“Under no circumstances will we change the measure. I will not. Let it be clear. The subsidy was eliminated and from now on we will build an Ecuador we all want,” he proclaimed.

In addition, he has referred to the support for the reaction of opposition leaders Guillermo Lasso (CREO Movement), who has blamed the altercations for “anarchist groups” and has supported the “late” economic measures of the Government, and Jaime Nebot (Social Party Cristiano, PSC), who, on the other hand, has aligned himself with the protesters.

“I do not know how long it takes, if short, medium or long term, but they will be president of the Republic and I am glad and wish that at some time it will be, because at the moment they take the reins of a country that we leave re-institutionalized, restructured and eliminated all economic problems (…), at that time they can apply those wonderful plans they have for the country, “said Moreno.

Ecuador lived on Thursday the worst riots in years with hooded protesters throwing stones and other blunt objects at the Police, which responded with tear gas. The Interior Ministry has reported Friday that 275 people have been arrested and 28 officers were injured.

The cause of the protests is an economic reform that raises the elimination of aid for fuel consumption and price liberalization and is part of the adjustments required by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

In response, the Ecuadorian president has declared the state of exception, which will be in force 60 days during which some fundamental rights and freedoms will be restricted.

This Friday, the transporters – promoters of the protests – have maintained the strike, so the Armed Forces have assumed the task of offering public transport until the situation normalizes.