Moreno asks the Indians to dialogue “directly” with é l

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The president of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno, has urged indigenous leaders on Friday to “talk” directly with him in the context of the political crisis in the country unleashed by the wave of protests against economic reform.

“I call on the leaders to talk directly with me. Let's sit down to talk, talk about decree 883. Let's talk about where those resources should go and make sure they go to those who need it most,” Moreno said in a video posted in his Twitter social network account, underlining that “always has a willingness to dialogue.”

Moreno asks the Indians to dialogue “directly” with é l
Moreno asks the Indians to dialogue “directly” with é l

“Let us put in our hands the solution of the differences the country must regain calm. Let the country know that we have the will of dialogue. Here is mine,” he stressed.

Likewise, the Ecuadorian president has highlighted the need to “stop violence.” “You have to find solutions for the country's issues and especially the field,” he added.


The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) has responded to Moreno in a statement stating that “dialogue is available when Decree 883 is repealed,” referring to the executive decree that eliminated the fuel subsidy.

CONAIE has described the mobilization that has been carried out for nine days as “successful” and has stressed that two years ago they raised a dialogue that never had a response from the Government.

“The dialogue that promulgates (the Government) lacks credibility. In this scenario the social struggle, led by the indigenous movement, which integrates the demands of the working class, students, peasants, indigenous and impoverished sectors of the country, belongs to the people, “said the statement.


The origin of the protests is the economic reform announced by Moreno on October 1 as a result of the agreement reached with the International Monetary Fund to achieve an injection of 4.2 billion dollars for the country.

The riots broke out two days later with clashes between police and military and looting, which led Moreno to declare the state of emergency, which initially had to be in force 60 days but the Constitutional Court reduced it to 30.

At least five people have died, according to the Ombudsman's Office – although the Government and indigenous people disagree with this data – dozens have been injured and hundreds have been arrested, including foreigners, including many Venezuelans.

Moreno has directly accused his predecessor and once ally, Rafael Correa, and his partners, including Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro, of orchestrating the protests in a “coup d'etat.” Both have denied it.

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