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More than half of the Mexican workers turned their home into a branch of their company

June 4, 2020

90% of employees reported an increase in expenses for performing their duties outside the office.

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More than half of the Mexican workers turned their home into a branch of their companyMore than half of the Mexican workers turned their home into a branch of their company

Mexico, like the rest of the planet, is facing a profound change in the way people live, work and live together. A crisis that could put thousands of companies at risk and put their plans to the test

According to study data COVID-19 CFO Pulse Survey Mexico Of PwC, 64% of CFOs in the country believe that the Distance work is here to stay, because they will rely on this measure when the return to work is prescribed.

In this context, business leaders should analyze the implementation of flexible work programs such as teleworking or temporary licenses to continue working and competing in similar or better conditions than the previous ones.

Change of habits

According to the Up Yes Vale survey COVID-19, the main disturber of telework carried out nationwide to nearly 5,000 workers who Health crisis brought a sharp turnaround in the economy, direct acting Employee consumption trends.

  • 90% reported by employees a Increase in spending in connection with the performance of their tasks outside the office.
  • The 31% claims that the workload has increased, Work more than 8 Hours per day.
  • 4th decade 10th The respondents had to do some appropriateness can work, either buy Office supplies or improve its service Internet.
  • 50% those who work from home feel that theirs costs for services (water, electricity, telephone, internet) were increased about 30%.
  • A third part of employees who work remotely, you see an increase nearby 40% in your Food costs.
  • 5 out of 10 Since quarantine began, people have bought a product online and more than 60% have paid for services in the same way.
  • 45% of employees acknowledges that work at home will be part of one new normal for the development of their work.

Promotion of motivation and commitment of employees in the context of home office and remote work programs, See you ok started the new one Digital map for the home office. With this solution, companies can help their employees meet the additional costs of working from home.


What does this new solution allow? The employees shop comfortably from home, pay for online services such as water, electricity, telephone, internet and, among other things, buy basic computer accessories and stationery.

It ensures the continuity of the company, increases the productivity and commitment of the employees and offers 100% deductibility as a working tool.